University Awards.

The University Awards is a strategic program under the Academy that forms a platform to recognize outstanding students in demonstrating high level excellence and profession in their fields of interest. It will continually discover and ensure that students, potentials, talents, ideas and gifts are discovered, showcased, rewarded adopted, nurtured and made productive. The award scheme contestants in their respective teams will then be absorbed into the Academy where each team will be matched with appropriate trainers, mentors and opportunities to learn and grow together. These include access to professional mentorship, coaching and resources that enable them to grow their professional muscles day by day.

University Academy

The University Academy is a student centered initiative that recognizes the significance of presenting students with opportunities to develop their potentials, skills and ideas out of their academic programs. It’s therefore a platform for students to connect their ideas, gifts, talents, experiences and potentials into pulls of common interest for incubation. The Academy will ensure a sustainable support is provided to develop each potential student’s idea and aspiration into success through, providing resources, opportunities, mentorship and professional trainings. The aim is to invest in young people and guide them into using their brain waves to create multiple and sustainable employment opportunities for them and the society as a whole.


Are you a student eager to explore your boundaries and expand your horizons? Do you have talent, gift or skills that you want to showcase to the world? Here is a myriad of opportunity for you to Develop;

  • Recognition and personal satisfaction
  • Professionalism and skills
  • Develop value based persons who uphold industrial best practices
  • Growing and broadening your network and linkage professionally
  • Student’s face-to-face access to employers, professional practitioners they would not normally meet.
  • To have fun

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